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13 Hole Shape Sorting

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This toy will improve your intellectual abilities for your loving children with practicing their brain and improving their memory.

  • Fun, Interesting, & Educational.
  • Colorful and bright. Increase the sensitivity of color and attracts your baby.
  • To improve babies awareness towards different shapes and colors.
  • Develop your baby's practical ability, independence ability, sensory ability, hand-eye coordination ability, and the ability to identify the type and colors.
  • Baby can take out the wood block from the intelligence box, and place the small pieces of wood according to the shapes
  • Each side has a different shape hole in the intelligence box, baby can put back the corresponding block

Wood-Cube Box Size: 14cm x 14cm x 12.5cm

Block size range: 3~5 x 3~4cm (L x H)

Strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills, as well develop their vocabulary knowledge. 

Assortment of shapes, colours, physical and visual skills that it offers all in the one box.

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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