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250 Pattern Blocks

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250 Pattern Blocks 

Take education and growth law as the starting point of children's heart, restore the innocence, combine the children's education and toy games, develop the children's practical ability, and left-right brain coordination ability.

Children's favorite cognitive scene: bright, lively and full of fun. Teaching with fun: distinguish from the traditional and boring teaching mode, in the form of game, gradually stimulate the enthusiasm of the baby to learn, broaden the horizon.


Features & Details:

A classic math manipulative and learning activity. Perfect for teaching early math concepts of patterning, sorting, classifying, and counting Explore artistic design and creativity using the included design cards or create your own patterns

250 colorful blocks: puzzle pieces, accompanied by the baby's growth, Germany imported wood, smart mother's choice. Young and old are suitable for parent-child interaction, cultivating entertainment training patience and improving hand-eye coordination ability.

Learn to explore, intellectual enlightenment, teach baby to distinguish different colors, shapes of building blocks, to develop children's cognitive ability.

Imitate the pattern to carry on simple build, fully arouse the child's imagination.

Great for spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving. Ideal for ages 3+

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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