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Animal Farm Building Blocks

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Brain Development Animal Farm Wooden Baby Kids Building Blocks Children's Toys

The building blocks can be used to create the barn for the animals to live in. Animals and fence are included Size 18x15box


  • While playing with building toys, kids have to learn how to move and manipulate various shaped objects, big and small, as well as have the fine motor control to “click” them into place.
  • This helps build motor strength as well as visual skills and motor planning
  • Also Encourages Thinking and Reasoning
  • Every time a child builds and creates a structure, kids have to use reasoning and critical thinking skills. They also have to problem solve when something does not work the way they hoped it would. These skills are what make children become well-rounded, independent and successful adults!

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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