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Arithmetic Cube

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Give your children the benefit of learning with tools designed specifically for them. Help Children Learning Math 


1. This product is good assistant for children learning math in add, subtract, multiply and divide. It is good for children\'s intelligence exploitation, cultivation of coordination of hands( muscle flexibility), eyes( viewing 6 aspects) and brain( spatial thinking), and the ability of using clues to solve problems.

2. It is the best choice for children\'s intelligence exploitation. Even adults are fascinated by this game.

3. On the one hand, the magic cube develops people\'s logic thinking ability and strengthens manipulative ability, on the other hand, it exercises the coordination of brain and hands.

  • Cute Design
  • Arthmetic Cognition
  • Delicate and Compact Surface
  • Preferred density plates are rugged and durable
  • Bearing design and easy to roll
  • Digital Printing is delicate and clear



Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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