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Basic Skills Activity Board

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Keep your little ones occupied while traveling with this activity kit. 👧🏻👦🏻👶🏻

Ability training: Visual, operation and thinking, interest training, intellectual development, senses, emotions, other ability development, hand-eye coordination, parent-child interaction, interactive toys.



This is baby BUSY BOARD Montessori basic skill activity board.

  • It is made of soft felt wool, lightweight and portable. Busy boards are flexible and have no hard corners.
  • Great for travel, whether by car or by plane. Different buckles, ties and buttons, the activity board mimics real-world challenges, so children learn practical skills while playing.With handles and straps.
  • it's very convenient for your child to carry around. It promotes basic hands-on learning skills and fine motor development.



Enhances your child’s visual perception and fine and gross motor skills! Not only that, this toy also encourages perseverance, dexterity, cause-and-effect learning and sharpens your child’s memory. Let the children learn new skills while playing. 

  • Inspired busy planks to promote hands-on learning.
  • Give children the opportunity to practice this knowledge to adapt to the pace of development to learn life skills.
  • Multiple Skills - Zippers, Laces, Buttons Etc. Different Buckles, Ties and Buttons. The activity board mimics real-world challenges, so children learn practical skills while playing.

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