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Ikuno Tower Blocks

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Logical thinking toy 3yo and up (also for adults)

  • Intelligence Development
  • A Good Learning Tool. Every child has this excitement to play because it’s just a part of his/her nature as a kid. In their early age, kids want to discover more and explore more things. Playing is just normal for most of the kids because as they play, there are lots of things they receive for their physical and mental development.
  • They have this sort of behaviour where in they will get some pieces but then they will pause for a while before putting the piece of toy in place. This process shows that before putting the piece to the right place, children think different things and ask themselves where the right place for this piece is. This process allows children to build their memory and analyse each situation before making a move.

Dimension: 8.9 x 8.5 x 2.3 inches 




  • This process allows them to think and think until they find the solution that will enable them to be smarter in solving each problem they have.
  • Can help children to develop their memory.
  • A SHARP MEMORY - We all know playing puzzle games is good for kids because it sharpens the memory day after day. This process is good for kids because they will have different advantages as they grow old.
  • Kids with sharp mind have the advantage becuase they have lots of things in their mind that other kids don't.

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