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Magnetic ABC Puzzle and Spelling

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Magnetic Abc Puzzle and Spelling

  • Magnetic suction design, a variety of play more interesting;
  • There are not only letters, but also numbers for arithmetic.
  • Improve children's awareness of items in life;
  • it is a parent-child interaction toy to enhance communication with children;
  • let the children get a lot of happiness while learning! 💞

Weight: 0.35kg

Box size:17*12*3 cm

Age Range: AGE3+

Material: Tin box + paper

Package Included:

1X word box (including 30xword cards, capital letters x26, small letters x26, numbers X20, weather icon X5, operation symbol X7)


Gamifying Spelling

The skills of spelling, reading, writing, and understanding are all intertwined. Spelling training help kids enhance their reading skills by increasing their understanding of the alphabetic system and how it is applied in reading.

  • These games can help kids understand how crucial having a good vocabulary is while having a cheerful experience in the process. It is joyous because it takes the act of learning out of the rigid institutions of the classroom.
  • When kids practise spelling in a game style, they can attempt, fail, and try again without fear of repercussions. And when kids play games, they are more likely to try again and again, even if they fail, since they are having so much fun!
  • Helps You Understand the Process. Spelling is a difficult process, but as youngsters grasp its structure and conventions, unexpected words become easier to decode. Parents must grasp these guidelines to assist their children outside of the classroom using consistent tactics.

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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