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Multi-functional Bead Maze

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Wooden Activity Toy Cube: It consists of 5 sides, the top is a roller coaster with beads, which guides baby to observe movement trajectory and exercise hand-eye coordination. The other 4 sides are gear linkage, shape matching, clock recognition, and letter recognition. The five-sided puzzle gameplay promotes baby’s sensory development.

Durable to Use: Made of strong wood, child-safe materials and water-based paint. The toy cube is composed of a variety of colors, which helps cultivate shape and color recognition and promote hand-eye coordination.

Early Childhood Education Toys: Flip through letter patterns, English letters on one side, words on the other side, associated memory, strengthening the bab's learning and cognition. Recognizing 26 letters and words/the patterns of corresponding words.

Early Development: Gear rotation linkage, cultivate baby's logical thinking, clock cognition, cultivate baby's time concept, large-particle scenes, cute shapes, cultivate children's aesthetic cognition Improve the flexibility of children's fingers and the perception of space.

Convenient Storage: You can put all the building blocks into the treasure box to let your baby develop good habit of loving tidying up. Recommended for children aged 1-6.

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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