"In the happiness of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too" - Robert Brault

As your kids grow they may forget what you said, but they'll never forget how you made them feel. 

Wood Pikler Gym from @playandgrowph

Max Collins


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Summer vacation is here, but kids can't come inside the house. Still we can enjoy fun activities at home from @playandgrowph 

Anna Rabtsun

Hala galit na yung teacher. @playandgrowph

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Mommy & Daddy's gift to our one and only little princess, Ionne Ysabelle, wait lang namin sleep pa sya... Thank you @playandgrowph

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Thank you @playandgrowph

Agnes Castillo

Thank you Sir Troy & Ms. Aubrey Miles for ordering with Play & Grow Ph.

Thank you, Mr. Troy Montero

Thank you Play & Grow Ph, ang ganda ng playpen, sobrang enjoy ang apo ko sa paglalaro and Thank you din sa Lolo Robert Suyhogo nya dahil sya ang nagbayad sa credit card ko. Ako lang pala ang nag-order. "lol"

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Thank you for ordering with Play & Grow Ph

Our Suking Client

Play & Grow Ph

Learning the letters of her name in a fun way. 

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Play & Grow Ph | Educational Toys

Kitchen set approved! Thank you @playandgrowph

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Play & Grow Ph

Me; Mimi, can you cook Mommy breakfast? 
Mimi: Okay! (She went on to get Kiwi and Orange, sliced and cooked them. Not sure what kind of breakfast this is, though 😅 ) 

Thank you @playandgrowph for the smooth transaction. Our 2-yr old loves this kitchen set ❤ 

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Play & Grow Ph

Thank you for tagging us Baylosis Squad

Eric Baylosis

Play & Grow Ph | Educational Toys

Before & After. 

Thank you Client

Play & Grow Ph

Sofia's Birthday Barbie House. 

Baylosis Squad

Play & Grow Ph

To a child LOVE spelled as TIME...

Charlet Callanga

Play & Grow Ph | Educational Toys

We got the Big Kitchen set for our little girl, and she loves it! Have to say that the entire family loves playing with it too. Play & Grow Ph was amazing! They handled everything well. from order, payment, delivery, and everything in between, I'm super pleased with this transaction. 

Kiara Suemith-Gaskell

Play & Grow Ph

Thank you Play & Grow for your kindness, delivering this cute present right before Christmas made my girls so happy and make them busy as well. Godbless you always. 

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Play & Grow Ph

Chanel's 7th Bday.

Aissa Carla Jorge

Play & Grow Ph | Educational Toys

Thank you for ordering wih Play & Grow Ph

Thank You Rose Walker

Play & Grow Ph

Play & Grow Rainbow Blocks 12 pcs

Thank you Client