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3in1 - Puzzle Cutting Fruit Selling Board Game

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Are you looking for an educational pretend play toy for your kids? Our cutting fruit with weighing and calculation pretend play may be your best choice! 

Picture him or her owning their own grocery store and helping customers buy the health foods they need to feed their families. Envision your child laughing, learning and having tons of fun away from the television and video games.  🙂

Role play in the early years setting is vital to a child’s cognitive and social development! Imaginative play is a crucial aspect of any early years classroom.

  • Play food might seem like an odd concept as an adult, especially as we tend to discourage children from playing with their food. But there are many many benefits to the type of imaginative play.
  • Playing with wooden food stimulates the imagination while also incorporating real-life skills, making it the perfect educational toy.

  • Children get to have fun pretending to be mum or dad, chef or shopkeeper while learning about different foods, practising their fine motor skills, and developing problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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