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ABC Blocks 27pcs

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A Colourful Classic Wood Letter Blocks. A classic childhood favorite, this set of wooden alphabet and number blocks is ideal for teaching young children about letters, simple words and counting.

Block features:

1. A textured letter on two sides

2. A picture of animal or fruit on two sides

3. Plain Number on one side and letter on one side. 

  • Learn ABC, Colors, And Picture Game
  • Timeless toy that has been around for generations
  • Alphabet Blocks with Wooden Box
  • Age: 18 months and above
  • Each block size is 3x3cm or 1.2in.
  • wooden box size: 10.8x10.8x10.8cm
  • Consists of 27 Wooden Blocks of Letters with mixed Numbers Objects - Symbols
  • Features charming hand-painted artwork
  • With Wooden Box for storage


Enhances logical thinking capability – it provides mental stimulation and teaches kids cause and effect. For example, if she places the block too close to the edge the tower topples over.

  • Classifying (Sorting them by type and then by alphabet and numbers)
  • Building blocks is one of the best educational toys for toddlers that develops multiple skills in a child.
  • Your child can see the giant letters painted on them and feel them if they are sculpted on. You can tell them what each letter means, and chances are, your baby will repeat it once you’ve said it a few times. By learning their letters early, this can help improve your baby’s literacy skills by quite a bit.
  • Wood alphabet blocks allow your child to be exposed to the letters in the alphabet on a daily basis. 

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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