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Baby Roo Silky Crayon 24 pcs

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Drawing with a crayon involves fine motor skills such as grasping and holding, as well as boosting your child's visual acumen and stimulate imagination. "Draw" can also be a great answer for the age-old question, "What can I do? I'm bored!"

Joan Miro BabyRoo Silky Crayon is a good choice as it is non-toxic and washable. The crayons are super smooth,when the tips get worn down,just twist them up and you're ready to keep on coloring

Made of food grade colouring; safe for use as face or body paint



  • 3 IN 1 EFFECT - Has 3 different functions for drawing or painting: Crayon, Pastel(add little water), Watercolor(add a little water)
  • NON TOXIC & Food grade pigments - Non-toxic, No odors, With environmental protection material, could do body painting and no irritation to children's skin
  • WASHABLE - Water soluble and easily washed off clothes; Wash immediately to reduce stains on fabrics
  • SAFETY for KIDS---Pore design in cap of Crayon to make sure the trachea not be blocked completely in case of cap swallowed
  • LIPSTICK Style ---Rotatable body like lipstick is more convenient to draw and better for saving
  • GOOD CRAFT SUPPLIES - No mass, no waste, Fast drying, Smooth glides and A variety of bright colors

Product Description:

  • Safety And Environmental Friendly 
With environmental friendly material, Joan Miro silky crayons are Safety and Non Toxic, so that your kids can express their art in their own way!
  • Good For Body Painting Our crayons have no irritation to kids’skin, so children could use them to freely paint lovely pictures on faces, hands or arms for parties or games.
  • Free Painting These crayons feature richly saturated and vibrant colors according to years of experiments and multiple improving the formula. Rich colors allow countless expression ways for kids to free their imagination in drawing, coloring, doodling, illustrating and crafts.
  • Washable And Easy To Clean Dirty marks on clothes are always big problems for parents, but it’s time to say goodbye to dirty clothes and hands! 
Don’t be worried if there are marks on hands, faces, clothes or table, use a wet cloth and you can clean all the marks easily.
No Flaking, Smooth And Silky as a lipstick.
  • Rotatable Body 
No need of sharpener, rotatable body is more convenient to draw and free for unreasonable wasting.
With stabilized water-soluble formula and extraordinary design, smooth and silky as a lipstick without flaking.

Environmental Friendly Material

Eco friendly toys made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials.

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