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Domino Puzzle

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  • This classic matching game is designed to help kids understand the difficult concepts and turn them into a fun activity that will be worthwhile. 
  • The domino tiles are double-sided with half images on one side and repeated counting images on the other, so children can either play the game using the numbered and counting method or using the image-based matching method. Each rectangular domino tile is made with a 3-layer extra-thick cardboard, a soft-coated, rounded edge and glare-free image layers, offering a tactile feel for little fingers. Each domino set comes with a pull-out dominoes sheet and a sturdy packaging box. 


24-piece dominoes set offers children a fun way to grow their perception, attention and decision-making skills.  

  • Domino Puzzle Zoo Pals includes 24 double-sided puzzle pieces.
  • One side contains animals. Match up the front and back half of the animal to complete the design. The other side shows a number of one item, for example 4 carrots. Can you find the matching card?
  • A simple matching game for starters, but also dominos.  
  • Each player starts with 6 domino cards and the first player places a card on the table. Each player takes a turn to match one of their cards to those already laid.
  • The first player to be out of domino cards wins!
  • Recommended for ages 3+ years. 


Domino puzzle - Traffic, a fun recognition and number matching game. In most traffic domino games, children match the complete traffic. However, in mideer domino puzzle game, each domino card features 2 traffic halves, strengthen your children's visual development. 

  • Mideer Domino Puzzle Traffic is designed to turn difficult concepts to be understandable and fun at the same time!
  • This puzzle contains 24 pieces of double-sided puzzle that make teaching the child about numbers and pairing entertaining. 
  • Children must first recognize the traffic and then place down a domino that correctly completes one of the two traffic pictures with the end pieces on the table. The background colour can also help young children to figure out.
  • Each player starts the game with six dominoes and the first player places a domino on the table. Each player then takes it in turns to match one of their dominoes to those already laid. The first player who has no dominoes left will be the winner.
  • The pieces come in big sizes that are easy to grasp by your child.
  • Recommended Age for 3 years and up

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