3D World Map with Flags

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Explore Geography with our Educational Wooden World Map & Flag Set! 🌍🏁

Experience geography like never before with our engaging learning toy map featuring flags.

Key Features:

🌲 Natural Wood & Non-Toxic Paint: Crafted from safe materials for worry-free play.

🌍 Interactive Learning: Insert flags into corresponding holes on the world map.

🏫 Perfect for All Ages: Ideal for home, kindergarten, and pre-school learning.

🚩 36 National Flags: Includes 36 small national flags for hands-on discovery.

🌐 Double-Sided Design: One side displays the world map, while the other showcases national flag patterns.

πŸ“Dimensions: 15 inches x 4 inches (Width x Height), Product size: 34.4 x 52.8 x 9 cm.

Unlock Geography:

🌈 Colorful World Map: Engaging visuals aid children in grasping basic world geography.

🏁 National Flag Mastery: Learn about 36 different national flags while playing.

πŸ™οΈ Capital, Language, and More: Each flag corresponds to capital, language, currency, state, area, and population.

Educational & Fun:

🧠 Cognitive Boost: Encourage geographical recognition and knowledge during play.

πŸ™Œ Skill Enhancement: Develop hands-on, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills.

🎨 Color Recognition: Vibrant colors stimulate visual recognition and color awareness.

Foster exploration, tactile learning, motor skills, and cognitive growth. Make learning geography a captivating adventure!