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Pikler Gym made from PURE BEECH Wood 

For 8mos to 8yo - Max 200kg 

  • Help your child learn new movements and skills with our Pikler gym!
  • It already has plenty of fun activities on its own, as it consists of two different wooden ladder surfaces, a rope climbing surface and several wall hanging bars, but it becomes even more exciting when customized with additional gymnastics toys, for example, a rope ladder, climbing and slide boards or a swing.
  • With so many activities combined into one toy, the Pikler gym is guaranteed to create loads of fun for your kids!
  • This gymnastics toy is based on the Pikler , which is an excellent gymnastics toy itself, helping children develop their motor skills in a fun way.
  • When combined with other fun activity toys to create a Pikler gym, the result is a universal toddler gym toy that kids never get bored of.

Children's Multi-purpose Climbing Frame

The Pikler is associated with Montessori, but it is based on observations of Dr. Pikler, who believed in learning through play, apart from their parents.

  •  The idea behind the Pikler is all about empowering children to safely explore what their body is capable of, independently of their parents. 
  • It’s a strong, stable, lightweight and beautiful wooden play product that also looks magnificent in the home. 


The development of the baby's hand and foot coordination ability.

  • Big motor milestones, such as rolling, crawling, and walking, are the obvious ones, small motor skills, like reaching, grabbing, and pointing, are just as developmentally important.
  • Learning and practicing these skills will improve baby's hand-eye coordination and teach her cause and effect.
  • These new skills are sure to make playtime even more fun! 



Certainly! The Pikler Gym are innovative climbing structures that offer a range of developmental benefits for children. 

  1. Physical Development:

    • Gross Motor Skills: The Pikler Gym provides opportunities for climbing, crawling, and navigating various surfaces, promoting the development of gross motor skills.
    • Strength and Coordination: Climbing and moving on the Pikler structure help children build strength, balance, and coordination.
  2. Sensory Stimulation:

    • Tactile Exploration: The different textures and materials used in the Pikler Gym offer tactile stimulation, encouraging sensory exploration.
    • Body Awareness: Climbing activities on the structure enhance a child's spatial awareness and understanding of their body in space.
  3. Cognitive Development:

    • Problem-Solving: Figuring out how to climb and navigate the structure promotes problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning.
    • Risk Assessment: Children learn to assess risks and challenges, developing cognitive skills and decision-making abilities.
  4. Independence and Confidence:

    • Self-Directed Play: The Pikler Gym encourages independent play, allowing children to explore and engage at their own pace.
    • Achievement: Successfully navigating the climbing structure boosts a child's confidence and sense of achievement.
  5. Social Interaction:

    • Shared Play: When used in a group setting, the Pikler Gym becomes a platform for cooperative play, fostering social interaction and communication among children.
    • Turn-Taking: Children can learn the importance of taking turns and sharing the space, promoting social skills.
  6. Versatility and Longevity:

    • Adaptable to Age and Skill Level: The Pikler Gym is designed to be adjustable, making it suitable for children of various ages and developmental stages.
    • Long-Term Use: Its durable construction allows for long-term use, making it an investment that grows with the child.
  7. Screen-Free Play:

    • Encourages Active Play: The Pikler Gym provides an alternative to screen time, encouraging active, imaginative, and creative play.
    • Physical Activity: Promotes a healthy lifestyle by engaging children in physical activity from a young age.
  8. Parental Peace of Mind:

    • Safety: Pikler Gyms are designed with safety in mind, providing a secure environment for children to explore and play.
    • Observation: Parents can easily observe and supervise their children's play, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

In summary, the Pikler Gym offers a holistic approach to child development by fostering physical, sensory, cognitive, and social skills. It's a versatile and engaging tool that encourages active, screen-free play while providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn and grow.