Rainbow Friends and Bowls (in cups)

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Hilights : Rainbow Friends in Bowls, on a circular wooden base. Sorting, matching and swapping are all made fun with these colourful peg dolls. 

Also, You can style the peg dolls with cloth or tape. Each hand-painted peg doll is unique!

Product Description

  • A collection of 7 wooden friends, one for each day of the week, painted in a rainbow of colours and each having their own matching coloured bowl.
  • You can style and decorate these rainbow characters with cloth and natural materials or simply leave plain and let your imagination do the rest.
  • A lovely way to teach colours and co-ordination at a young age but they're sure to be played with for many years after.
  • The set comes on a wooden plate which makes them look beautiful on the toy shelf.
  • Made from Alder and Maple wood and hand painted with non toxic paints. Each set of dolls is unique and full of natural beauty.  
  • Steiner educators will love how these natural dolls can be used in a myriad of ways to learn and develop.

This toy inspired by the Waldorf Steiner education movement which advocates learning through thoughtful, creative play at an unhurried pace.

  • Toys play an important part of the learning experience and Waldorf toys are made with natural materials, beautiful and simplistic – the lack of details allow children to fill in the blanks with their imaginations. 
  • They can be used in multiple ways in creative play scenarios, rather than being prescriptive.  Waldorf-inspired toys are wonderfully tactile and call on children to play with them.

Rainbow And Friends in Cups

✔️Developing a range of skills as he practised taking the friend out and putting it back in over and over again – grasping, hand-eye coordination, wrist development and working on coordinating both hands together, as well as developing his concentration. So many skills from such a simple looking toy!

✔️As toddlers use matching bowl matching color to place in the cup. The Friends in Cups also lend themselves to naming colours and counting.

✔️The size of the peg people allow them to be hidden inside two bowls by placing an upside down bowl on top of another, so can also be used as a tool for learning about object permanence with a simple game of hide and seek!

✔️Another way to introduce colour matching and sorting (and make it a fine motor activity!) is to use the bowls to sort coloured objects such as buttons or these small coloured beans.

✔️The colours are so vibrant and perfect for developing that language about each colour with your baby or toddler.