Rainbow Stacking Nesting Bowls

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For stacking, nesting, arranging and storing little treasures. Five solid wood bowls with hand sanded edges, giving each bowl a unique feel.

These five little wooden bowls, in beautiful cool rainbow colors, can be nested together, stacked in a variety of ways, or used imaginatively as play dishes: they are an incredibly versatile toy! While playing, young children can learn about size and sequencing as well as exercise their fine motor skills. It makes a great addition to any daycare, preschool, or home.

When turned over and stacked, these Rainbow Color Bowls stand about 8 inches high. The largest bowl measures 4 in. diameter by 1.5-inches tall. The smallest bowl measures approximately 1.25-inches in diameter. Wood is an ideal material for children's toys, as bacteria cannot reproduce on wood.



Design is to encourage exploration, advance creativity, and challenge kids to think and use their imagination.

  • Rainbow Stacker is an amazing Waldorf-inspired multi-used toy for toddlers, kids, and even adults! The bold colors of this beautifully hand made wooden rainbow will help to boost child's imagination, creativity and provide hours of open-ended play.
  • It provides the ideal circumstance for flow. We see that when the child is in flow (a fully immersed mental state where the child is effortlessly engaged and often has no sense of time) that they seamlessly move from one idea to another to another, allowing them to learn & explore many different aspects of a particular idea.



  • It provides a relaxed environment where there is no fear of making mistakes. Fear is one of our greatest barriers to learning and this is especially true with little ones. Children need full freedom to take risks, explore new ideas, observe cause & effect, engage their creativity. This puts them on an exciting path to figuring out what works and what doesn't. There are no rules in open ended play so there is truly no right or wrong way to play. In this safe & nurturing environment, the child LEADS and thus LEARNS and EXPANDS.